Chilli Brothers...Our Story...

As a family we came from a fairly unremarkable corner of South London.

A plate of Spaghetti with Tomato sauce was initially regarded as an exotic weekly treat! A clove of Garlic was looked at with slight  suspicion. Exposure to Chilli was relatively limited!

Interacting with friends from different cultures both in the UK and abroad set us on our journey that we are still on today. 

Wasn't a Coconut something you threw a wooden ball at while you were at the funfair? And as for eating Chillis, that was usually powder from a little pot without any flavour. (Showing ones age now)!

The decision to try and commit to cooking and eating a little healthier was very important. After travelling and seeing diets from various regions around the World and how they adapted the sometimes plain food with amazing sauces and condiments, ideas of how to integrate these into our diet became quite important to us. 

Nutritional whole based foods are not always available or necessarily that tasty, so anything to enhance the flavours of the fare are a bonus!

Deciding to change a few old habits successfully addressed a couple of concerning health issues for more than one of our family. We adopted a healthier and more conscientious diet and began caring a lot more about what we were putting into our bodies.

Cooking for many years both commercially & working in the food & hospitality industry as well as food publishing, we saw a need for a premium, healthier range of gourmet artisan chilli sauces and condiments that were accessible, versatile and economical made with quality ingredients. 

On top of this we found some extremely inspiring scientific, proven articles and research that not only provided more of an education on Chillis & the humble Coconut but also taught us how to make a few simple changes to benefit not just ourselves but our circle of friends minus all the nasty chemicals and preservatives found in so many of the foods we like.



We are proud and delighted, to offer our range of Gourmet Artisan-Crafted, mostly Chilli based Sauces & Condiments as well as a selection of products that are not only Healthier, More Nutritious, Flavoursome, Responsibly Sourced & Sustainable but also more Environmentally Friendly.




The Chilli Brothers…